Blacksmith Party catered by Paella Casa

What a fantastic way to get friends and family together – around a giant pan!  Everyone loved the experience, and that’s what was great about it – it wasn’t just a ‘catered’ dinner. We all got to participate in the sights, sounds and smells of our delicious feast being prepared right there with us.  We highly recommend Paella Casa! Kaz

Office Equipment Suppliers in Newcastle select Paella Casa

Thanks to Tim Davidson at the helm of this small dynamic team of Office Equipment Suppliers in Newcastle, for thinking of us specifically as his selection for catering the event having enjoyed his experience with our paella very much some time ago when we first catered for a joint business building event for the Chamber of Commerce that T O Technology and Experienced Office Furniture hosted together as business partners for that particular event.
Tim had always kept us mind and was excited to have us come out to their service centre at Wickham and cater a special paella for the team lunch on their last work day of 2017 before breaking for some hard earned family time and festivities.