Paella Casa, the people and the food…


A Few Words..

In Spain, nothing generates more debate than the origins of its famous dish, Paella. Since the introduction of rice into Spain by the Moors in the 9th Century, rice has been the main staple of the Spanish diet and Paella has become the ultimate in Spanish symbolism.

Today there are many variations of the original Paella, but one thing remains the same, Paella is all about the rice and it should always take centre stage.

We cook in the traditional method, with imported equipment and produce an authentic paella result that begins with a home blended & mixed, triple-filtered stock, including the infusion of Grade 1 Sargol Saffron, continues on through the addition of top-shelf quality ingredients such as Diced Chicken Thigh from Lakeside Chickens and Gluten Free Mild Spanish Chorizo from Rodriguez Brothers and finishes with the much loved, toasty and slightly caramelised bottom layer of rice called Socarrat!

Today, Paella is regarded as Spain’s most recognisable dish and it can be found in every part of Spain and what ever the origins of the dish, it is a wonderful addictive and delicious meal that brings together the people you love.